Residents of the shanty town that was destroyed by fire over the weekend have not presented themselves for government assistance as of Monday.

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe commented on the issue outside of the House of Assembly. “Our team mobilized and we were there at the scene. Subsequent to that we prepared facilities, no one showed for the facilities but the facilities are ready and will be on standby to provide shelter.”

The minister also spoke about the apprehension of illegals if they show up for assistance. He said, “I think you would appreciate that the police and immigration would have to conduct investigations and if persons are found to be here illegally then they would take the necessary action. Our job is to provide the shelter and once we provide the shelter for anyone in a difficulty at any particular time then we would have done what we were supposed to do the other agency would take over to carry out what they have to do.”