President of the Bahamas Christian Council, Apostle Delton Fernander has weighed in on the ongoing illegal immigration issue in the country giving what he deems are solutions to the problem.

He told ZNS News, “I think its time, as the nation is really seeing the effects of the weight on our health care system, the weight on our education system and every tier of our society, that we put pressure on those able to make a difference and expect more out of our leaders and out of those that stand vanguard over our borders so that we can bring the situation under control.”

Fernander went further saying, “as a church, we have ran programs to the migrants from government to government and we have seen the effect and cause of the situation. The church will be the church. We’ll be there to provide clothing to those that would have lost homes, we’ll be there to provide food, even provide churches for them minister and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ but we’re also cognizant of the rules that we ought to render to Caesar what is Caeser and have a border that is protected and one that is controlled. The time of sitting back and letting this thing mushroom into what its mushroomed in today is over. Even Turks and Caicos has taken a stand that we have to see its not feasible for us not to do this right. ”

Fernander offered the solution of agriculture to the problem which is says everyone can profit from.