Sr. Defence Force Officer Releases Book to Improve Relations Between Youth and Their Parents


Lt. Commander Delvonne Duncombe, a senior officer in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, is considered a veteran in youth development, having served as the Director of the nation’s only military youth program for many years. He is also the president of CHANGE Organization, a youth training, development, and mentorship program. According to Lt. Commander Duncombe, his recently released book, JOURNEY TO GREATNESS- A Life Guide For Youth, Young Adults, & Their Parents, (, is a means to answer the pressing concerns among the youth and their parents.

A degreed officer with a B. A. in Psychology, with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development, he also received certification in Moral Reconation Therapy. Lt. Commander Duncombe was himself a rebel. He shares his no-holds-barred story in a manner youth can relate to, and parents can appreciate. With a past littered with drugs, gang violence, and promiscuity in his early teens, Duncombe easily relates to the myriad of challenges today’s youth encounter.

“It’s not good enough to recognize or identify a problem,” Commander Duncombe noted. “There’s already a lot of that. Children are hurting, and many parents are at their wit’s end, not knowing what to do about the situation,” he said. “As an officer, we’re trained to identify problems and to weigh in with workable solutions. That’s what I have done with this book. It’s essentially a bridge builder to bring hurting, desperate families together, and for those who have it together to take them to another level to really maximize who they were born to be.”

Myriah Davis, Ph.D. a Higher Education Consultant in the USA calls Journey to Greatness a must-read for any parent seeking positive guidance for children who are headed down a path of personal destruction. She noted that the intimate stories in Duncombe’s book will resonate with parents and youth on a powerful life-changing level. “It’s filled with hope,” Dr. Davis said, “the reader is taken on a journey of vulnerability, sorrow, anger, and redemption.” The consultant says that Journey to Greatness invites all of us to become better individuals and to teach our children how to rise up and take the first step on a path to greatness.

Delvonne Duncombe, Author

A cursory glance over the book’s contents shows that it truly serves as building blocks for its readers, beginning with discovering their identity. JOURNEY TO GREATNESS is filled with personal quotes to inspire youth, to arm them with tools to close the relational gap between the known and the hidden. It is also a character development book for leadership in turbulent times for kids, to take them on a journey to understand and answer fundamental questions in life while outfitting parents with the intel to understand and be effective in dealing with the challenges their children face. Lt. Commander Duncombe recognizes that the youth are crying for attention.

They want to be heard but do not know how to get their message to the world. They feel as though they have been bound and gagged and placed in the attics of society because they do not identify with societal norms.

One of the main features of this book is to help youth and their parents identify their purpose, identity, and destination. It facilitates the building of positive and open communication with children and brings issues faced by both parents and youth to the fore to help them overcome their challenges. This helpful book encourages readers to push past boundaries and strive for success, build confidence, promote self-acceptance, and much more. JOURNEY TO GREATNESS is available at the RBDF Exchange, Whosoever Will Discipleship Center, in paperback and Kindle, and by contacting the author.