Friday, August 14, 2020
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Force Chief Petty Officer Idamae Ferguson; A Pioneering Female

n 1985, motivated by her uncle Mr. Cleveland Walkine (deceased), a young Idamae Ferguson entered the gates of Coral Harbour; a history-making event that would see the first entry of women to join the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The mother of one son, D’Keino Saunders, FCPO Ferguson decided to join an all-male organization.

RBDF Extends Condolences for Leading Mechanic L. R. Pratt

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force extends sincerest condolences to the family of the late Leading Mechanic (LM) Livingston Ricardo Pratt, who passed away on 6 August 2020. Pratt enlisted in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force as a member of New Entry 39 Woman Entry 11 on the 12 January 2004.

Mrs. Deloris Pratt: Defence Force Human Resources Pioneer

As the Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to embrace the past during its 40th Anniversary, we highlight Mrs. Deloris Pratt: A Human Resources Pioneer. She never wore the uniform of a Defence Force Officer or Marine, but for her many years of service, Mrs. Deloris Faith Pratt was, and will always be a member of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

R.B.D.F Leave Cancelled

All leave has been cancelled with immediate effect. Exceptions to the rule include officers on secondment, sick or in quarantine, special leave, approved international study leave or pre-retirement leave.

RBDF joins Country in Independence Celebrations

As the country celebrated 47 years as an independent nation, the men and women of the Royal Bahamas Defence and Police forces were out on Clifford Park in solidarity to help mark the occasion on July 9, 2020. Globally, the world has accepted its new normal amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, and as such, this auspicious event was celebrated in keeping with the COVID-19 Emergency Orders.