The Founder of Unity House is pleading for medical assistance for residents of the home.

Janet Butler told ZNS News, “when you is a psychiatric patient or a person that has Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease or Dementia you need to be seen by your physician to make sure that the medication what is given, sometimes we need to upgrade the medication. Some of these people have diabetes, you cannot cook the same type of food. Even if somebody bring food in here we have to know how to monitor it to give them that. You have from diabetes to high blood pressure.”

Ms. Butler also appealed to the family members of residents saying, “people have to do better, much better. Family members I haven’t seen for years, for years hadn’t come back and look for their family members. Some of these people I don’t know them if they stand in the front of me. I do not know them no more. The holy spirit would have to tell me now that’s that one own. They would not stop and come through the gate not even to bring a pampers. The rent have to the paid these staff have to be paid. Some of these are here twenty four seven.”

Butler is requesting twice weekly medical checkups for the residents of Unity House and says that she will give health officials until the end of next month to devise a home visit plan.