The unresponsive body of a toddler was found in bushes in the Fox Hill area on Tuesday evening. The gruesome discovery was made by Stevenson Jacques who recounted the experience to ZNS News.

Jacques said, “we did get a phone call that the neighbour’s child was missing. And upon arrival after picking up the kids, me and my wife came home. I normally pull on the side of the building in reverse and when I pulled in I noticed a lifeless, motionless body laying next to the banana patch.”

Jacques says that having never seen anything like it before he was in complete shock. “And then to see the lil toddler lay there it was disheartening. It’s kind of hurtful because you have kids and you feel for your kids and especially when you can’t protect your kids. To see your child in that state, you wouldn’t want to wish that on your worse enemy.”

The husband and father took the ZNS News team to the exact spot where he found the body among banana trees. He said, “I’m so sorry that it happened this way and trust me it has the neighbourhood sad because nobody wish this upon anyone and to see a child laying there that is very, very painful to see. And as a parent and to hear, him, the father cry the way he cried last night, it really hurt my heart because as a father I know he love his kids. He really love his kids. Every time you see him he with his kids.”

Police have confirmed that the parents of the deceased toddler are assisting them with the investigation.