Acting Parliamentary Commissioner Arthur Taylor gave an update on plans for the voter’s card to become more user friendly.

Taylor told reporters at a press conference Parliamentary Registration office that the process was already in place and that the Parliamentary Registration Department are well on the way to modernizing the existing voter’s card to one similar to the current Bahamian driver’s license.  He said, “the process itself I don’t think will change anything soon.  I think that you are well aware that when you create a machine to vote someone is in their basement creating a way to get into it.”

The Acting Commissioner further stated, “with the new card you’ll go online to apply for the voter’s card through the portal rather than just walking in here and saying you want to register, you put your documents online and we give you an appointment date to come in to do it.  So it’ll be as a flowing thing rather than the long lines. And with the permanent register, it makes it easier for those persons.  The only thing that would have to happen is persons who are presently registered will have to come in just to get their pictures taken again and probably be some biometrics we’re adding to it, facial recognition, probably fingerprints according to how they decide it, that’s the only they you will have to do again.”

The Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill was passed in 2020 creating a permanent register.