Veteran journalists and broadcasters from the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas received honours at the 2023 National Honours Investiture Ceremony held on the grounds at Government House.

Among those honoured were Debbie Bartlett, Dr. Yvette Stuart, Kirk Smith, Mike Smith, Basil Dean and Spence Finlayson.  Receiving awards posthumously were Al Dillette, Anthony Marshall and Jeff Scavella.

Bartlett called the honour an inspiration and milestone.  She said, “communication is the most important business in the world.  All of us have to communicate to realize our dreams and its been a long time since we have been honoured and recognized for the work that we do. And so I think it gives and can build hope and inspiration for the next generation of media professionals.”

It was a bittersweet moment for Dr. Yvette Stuart who said, “while we were working I never dreamed or thought that I would get such an award.   We just did our work but what comes to mind is that I remember on several occasions i our discussions in the newsroom we would talk about doing national service.”

A total of thirteen journalists and broadcasters were honoured this year.