A press conference was held at Police headquarters on Tuesday where it was revealed that the Bahamas Red Cross Society had been robbed of approximately $77,000 worth of equipment from their headquarters.  The items stolen included portable generators and power lines.

Director General of the Bahamas Red Cross Alicia Pinder appeared at the press conference and spoke to the impact of the loss.  “A lot of Bahamians rely on us.  They know who we are.  They know what we do.  They know the principles on which we stand.  Whereas we are impartial in our response and so this is why we just always need support.  In whatever areas that we do have support in we need them to be secured and not the event of loss.”

Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings made a public appeal stating, “should anyone be found with those items in your possession, you can find yourself before the courts.  I also want to say that receiving is also an offence.  And so ignorance is no excuse to say that you didn’t know that they items were stolen.”

Pinder also appealed to the culprits to return the items.