Operations of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas’ Northern Service has been temporarily relocated due to remediation efforts underway at the Harold DeGregory building.

General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation, Clint Watson commented on the move from the new location in the Grand Lucayan Hotel. He said, “I think we’ve done a great job setting up our studios, which has been exceptionally well. We’ve also done a good job as far as putting our staff in place so that they can work. The Northern Edition has not been on the air, Nassau has been covering those stories while we get everything set up. We’re excited that Northern Edition will be back on, as its already on, you can tell if you’re watching this story. Radio has been down because we’ve been relocating everything here. And so radio should be back up. So 810, 104.5 which you love to hear should be back on the air pretty soon.”

On the new location the General Manager said, “this was a good spot, a good location, they had the space. It was not being utilized right now and so we were happen that we could just move right on in.” Watson added, “I think the staff is kind of happy. Its quite comfortable, the view is amazing.”

The search is on for a new, suitable location for ZNS in Grand Bahama. Watson said, “we’ve been working to find a suitable location for the Northern Service. It was on the agenda of our deceased minister. He wanted to see the Northern Service in its own building. It’s been the mandate of the Chairman under his chairmanship to ensure that Northern Service has a permanent home and he is working feverishly to ensure that happens.”

There is currently no timeline for how long the ZNS’ Northern Service will be in its current location.