The Airport Airline and Allied Workers Union has signed a new 5 year industrial agreement with Nassau Flight Services. The signing event was held at the Office of the Prime Minister this week.

General Secretary of the AAAWU, Susan Palmer outlined some of the benefits members can look forward to. “We got increases in our meal allowance. We got duty travel allowance increase. We got long term disability increase, transportation allowance was increased, uniform we go some movement in that area, compassionate leave, they were very compassionate. We also got something that we have never had in the contract which is emergency days, they worked with us with that and we got increase in our vacation days and also the shift premium has increased.”

Union Vice President, Altonia Munroe said, “we’re satisfied with our contract and we just look forward to moving on and doing the best that we can.”

The value of the agreement is approximately $500,000 and is set to expire in February 2025.