The president of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce was asked about the prospects for businesses during this holiday season with the country contending with inflation. Daphne Degregory-Miaoulis is hopeful that inflation will push residents to shop at home.

“The cost of things and the rising cost is no different her than the rest of the country a part from the fact that, you know, we have had more challenge and more expense to bear due to the devastation of Dorian, the fact that we’re still trying to rebuild our lives and our businesses. But every day going to the store trying to feed ourselves and care for our families is becoming a greater challenges all around.”

Degregory-Miaoulis went on to explain that Abaco businesses are coming back. She said, “we’re starting to, you know, greater influx of businesses coming to our shores and of course when we have an increase in tourism, we also have an increase in income.”

The Chamber president hopes to see a complete redevelopment of Abaco by the end of 2023.