Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Chester Cooper led a delegation of government officials to Abaco, in the wake of Tropical Storm Nicole, to assess damage.

Minister Cooper shared his relief that no lives were lost and that there was no serious injuries. He also spoke to the ports of entry getting back to normal saying, “we understand there was some flooding there at the port. The waters came over maybe about a foot – foot and a half and these are the kind of things that now we see happen during this particular storm, the engineers are here and they can make recommendations as to how we can remediate that for the future.”

Concerning the airport Cooper said, “we continue to do repairs to the airport since Hurricane Dorian. We’re pressing forward there. We’re going to move the air traffic control tower to a different location. The professionals determined that it ought not be rebuilt where it is, so that’s a project we’re working on.”

Cooper promised that relief will come in the form of exigency orders made whether by the existing Special Economic Recovery Zone [SERZ] or another form. He also said that there is need for infrastructural upgrades inclusive of housing.