Abortion is illegal in The Bahamas. However, abortions are said to be performed a dime a dozen by doctors who are either fuelled by money, or of the opinion that having a baby is truly a woman’s choice.

A woman’s body belongs to her. What she does with her body, and what is in it, is really her responsibility and ultimately her business. 

Women carry children on their person for nine months before giving birth. This is followed by the job of nurturing and raising that child to adulthood, to include the formation of that child’s character. 

That is a big job which should never be taken wantonly.

It takes a special kind of woman (and man) or an assignment by God to carry this task out to perfection. With that said, in life everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes can range from leaving a cell phone at home to getting pregnant by accident -from frivolous to extreme.  

I would never want to be accused of trivializing “life”, so I am going to be very careful with what I say here. A married couple should plan to have a child. In doing so they think about raising that child properly, the finances involved in the raising of that child and of course all incidentals. 

Then there’s the young girl who gets pregnant accidentally, for someone she hardly knows. She has no plan, and when that baby is born, it becomes her mother or grandmother’s ‘headache’ or worse, a ward of the state.

Lastly, there’s the CHILD who falls prey to some nasty predator who watches her, pounces on her, rapes her and impregnates her. 

I gave you three instances of probable childbirth – one that seems happy, one reckless and one tragic. In these three instances, it appears that only the couple who has planned for that child should really be parents. 

It is MY opinion that children should not be brought into this world to be mistreated and neglected. I am very strong in my opinion on this. Irresponsible people should not make themselves parents and then do away with the responsibility of it all at the child’s expense. Abortion should be highly considered in this instance.

Now I am sure the Christians and their fake counterparts will come at me for saying this, but I consider myself a realist above all things. Again, why should a child be brought into this world to be mistreated and neglected? Why should a being be brought into existence to suffer from the beginning of its very life? 

Abortion is and remains illegal in The Bahamas except to save a mother’s life.

The law says and I quote:

“The offence of causing abortion can be committed by causing a woman to be prematurely delivered of a child, with intent unlawfully to cause or hasten the death of the child. 

Whoever intentionally and unlawfully causes abortion or miscarriage shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years.”
In an interview, Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said, “For me, where the issue of abortion is a highly emotive one, it’s a personal choice and we leave that to the persons who get impregnated. I don’t want to impose my views on a personal choice, but suffice it to say, I will support the personal choice of anyone in respect of those matters.”

It is a personal choice and, I also believe that if the ‘sin’ of abortion is that big of a deal as they say it is, then the judgment is between the committer and our God. 

I was always taught that no matter how big or small the sin is, all sins are judged as equal. Therefore, in God’s eyes, the ‘sins’ of abortion and sweethearting are viewed as equal. 

So to the “hypocrites” who stand on the street corner and protest and toss jeersat the woman who sees her child as unfit to be a mother and does away with a fetus, why aren’t  you doing the same to a married man who steps out on his wife with a harlot and commits adultery? Seems like hypocrisy to me. 

And, yes, I am cognizant of the fact that the law says abortion is illegal, however, I am very concerned about the recent trend of bringing the so-called offending doctors to justice. As mentioned earlier in this third edition, it is said that doctors have been performing abortions in this country for too long ago to research. So why are we just deciding to obey the law and become moralistic? Why now?

Abortion is a woman’s choice. It’s her body. It’s her life. It’s her ‘sin’. Let it all be between her and her God. Well that’s how I see it, anyway.

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