Member of Parliament for Long Island, the Hon. Adrian Gibson along five other defendants appeared before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson on Monday where legal arguments were set to begin in the case. However, Mr. Gibson’s attorney, Murrio Ducille, KC, told the court that he had filed a constitutional motion. Ducille also told the court that he would not be able to make any submissions at the time as he had to appear in another court. When asked by Justice Grant-Thompson to reveal the nature of the application, Mr. Ducille said he would not be able to do so until Wednesday.

Gibson is charged along with Peaches Farquharson, Joanne Knowles, Jerome Missick, Rashae Gibson and former Water and Sewerage General Manager Elwood Donaldson with charges related to money laundering, bribery, conspiracy and fraud stemming from contracts granted while he was Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

The Member of Parliament has pleaded not guilty to the charges.