Former parliamentarian and ambassador Maurice Moore is sharing his views on the ongoing public back and forth between the government and the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

Moore told ZNS News, “there is a desire in the present government that they feel that our second city, the running of it, needs to have greater Bahamian influence.”

Moore also revealed that certain recommendations were made to the GBPA while he sat on a committee to review the Hawksbill Creek Agreement that were not accepted or carried out.

The former ambassador said that at the time the Chairman of the GBPA, Edward St. George seemed receptive to changes. “Edward was generally acceptable to most of the recommendations we made because what it did, it brought in the licensees. You had a three way, the licensees, the government and the Port Authority.  And the work together for the good of Grand Bahama.”

Moore said that the Bahamas is the only country that has a second city ran be a lady who does whatever she likes.