AML Foods Limited is introducing coupons to their rewards program. This move is aimed at passing on savings to consumers as they contend with raising inflation. AML Foods Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Renea Bastian, spoke with ZNS about the program. She said, “when we launched our ‘My Solomon’s Smart Rewards Program’ back in May it was always our goal to introduce phase 2 which was coupons. We realize that customers are looking for ways to save and we want to meet those needs. So in September we’re going to be introducing the coupons phase of our loyalty program which will be giving customers additional savings. For those customers that are signed up for Loyalty additional savings when they shop the stores.”

As the Government attempts to combat inflation and the Prime Minister calls for frugality in these times, Ms. Bastian says that AML Foods is hoping to provide a ray of hope for its customers. Speaking about the reaction to the program by consumers, Bastian said, “what they seem to love the most is the points they are now earning every time they shop that converts into cash for use during a future visit.” She went further stating, “the program is automated so they can’t lose their rewards and its automatically being tracked. Customers are telling us, even when we run into them in store, how their rewards are offering them much needed relief as they deal with the tough economic times we are in and the high cost of living.”

People interested in AML Food Smart Loyalty Program can sign up at Solomon’s locations.