Bahamas Waste & Baark Join Forces to facilitate Mobile Clinic

Bahamas Waste & Bark! have joined forces to facilitate the organization's brand new mobile clinic which has allowed the organization to take its spay and neutering campaign into various communities around New Providence. (Photo courtesy of Ronnie Archer for Barefoot Marketing

In addition to being the island’s most trusted provider of waste management service, Bahamas Waste has also become synonymous with several important community causes. One such community collaboration has been with the Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness (Baark!). Since 2009 the non-profit has worked to reduce the unnecessary suffering of dogs and cats through spaying, neutering, and education programs. Over the past 13 years, its programs have focused on educating the public on animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership, and have also provided both free and subsidized spay and neutering services for dogs and cats across The Bahamas.

In 2022 those efforts work caught the attention of Bahamas Waste sparking a partnership with the arrival of the organization’s first mobile clinic.

“We essentially took on an entirely new model so our learning curve has been pretty steep” explained Baark! Chairman Laura Kimble, “In addition to finding the right locations to set up throughout New Providence and figuring out the right ‘ingredients’ for an optimal location, our biggest challenge is funding,” she explained. “90% of our budget is reliant on private donors and corporate contributions whether it be in-kind support or direct financial support.”

Since March 2022, Baark! has continued to record tremendous progress and growth helping hundreds of dogs and cats and preventing scores of unwanted litters. “We are averaging about 18 spay and neuter surgeries a day now,” said Baark! Mobile Clinic Coordinator Bonnie Young, “our goal is to average about 22-25 surgeries a day.”

For Bahamas Waste, the Baark! partnership is a prime example of the company’s commitment to supporting community programs in Nassau. “We’ve committed to supporting the Baark! and its mobile clinic for the next five years by providing maintenance support for the mobile unit and giving it a home when it’s not in use” said Bahamas Waste General Manager Francisco de Cardenas. “They have a team of amazing and dedicated people, who work tirelessly for the good of the community, and the welfare of our 4 legged friends, we knew we wanted to support them in whatever way we could.”

“Bahamas Waste’s support is absolutely vital to the success of Baark!’s overall operations. We truly do not know what we would do without the incredible support of the Bahamas Waste team, noted Vice-chairman Lissa McCombe, “It’s because of relationships like these that were are able to continue to make a difference in the community.”

Over the next several years, residents can expect Baark! to continue its spay and neuter campaigns with the goal of making The Bahamas an example of a humane nation. In order to keep these campaigns running, the organization is planning a significant fundraiser set to take place in December.

“We have a golf tournament coming up in December to help raise funds” noted Kimble “and we’re hoping to get the support we need.” It’s hard work but the team knows it is all 1000% worth all of the challenges.” Persons interested in donating to that work can visit the organization’s website at to take advantage of up to six different donation opportunities.

More photo highlights below:

Promoting Animal Welfare Since March 2022 Bark! through the use of its mobile clinic has averaged approximately 18 spay & neuter surgeries per day and has set a goal for as many as 25 per day as they work to encourage animal welfare. (Photo courtesy of Ronnie Archer for Barefoot Marketing)

Responsible Pet Ownership Encouraging responsible pet ownership and animal welfare is at the heart of what Bark! does. The company’s efforts caught the attention of Bahamas Waste prompting the company to partner with the organization in its efforts to prevent unwanted litters. (Photo courtesy of Ronnie Archer for Barefoot Marketing)

Kitten Cuddles For more than a decade Bark! has provided free and subsidized spay and neuter surgeries for both dogs and cats. (Photo courtesy of Ronnie Archer for Barefoot Marketing)