Grand Bahama Power Company Director of Communications is speaking of behalf of the company regard customer claims of rising electricity bills.

Cleopatra Russell explains the factors that can impact customer’s power bill. “We would have noticed, as always, during the summertime as the temperatures rise so do customers bills. There is a direct correlation with weather and how much a consumer pays for energy in the summer months.”

Russell advised customers to assess their environment, homes and appliances to ensure that they are running efficiently and the impact to the energy usage and monthly bill.

“We want our customers to be able to consume energy and be able to efficiently manage it and be able to afford to pay for it, that is our goal. We’ve had multiple initiatives that have encouraged energy efficiency and we still have an app on our website that customers can sign up for that really gives them some insight on how the appliances in their home is impacting their bill. Customers are saying we’re not doing anything differently but maybe its time that we start doing a lot differently.”

Russell encourages customers visit the GBPC smart home to learn energy saving tips.