The Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute [BAMSI] has seen their enrollment numbers almost double over last year’s numbers. This news comes from BAMSI President, Sen. Hon. Dr. Erecia Hepburn-Forbes who said, “we’ve seen our numbers almost double from what they were from last fall but we are still pushing for an increase. We want students to know that we open September 5th, so if you have an interest in environment or agriculture, marine, even business management, there is still an opportunity for you to attend BAMSI. Unfortunately, for our fall semester we are fully virtual as we still try to make strides to firm up our buildings but starting spring we intend to have a hybrid model. Last year this time we had ten students enrolled, we’re approaching almost thirty students enrolled and those numbers are still increasing.”

Grants are available to eligible students to attend BAMSI which is offering new courses. Dr. Hepburn-Forbes said, “we’re looking at introduction to grant writing. We’re looking at hosting a good agricultural practices certificate. We are also looking at an agri-tourism certificate. We may even be offering HSK1, that is Mandarin. So several definitely new certificate programs that are coming into the pipeline, and that is important because for persons who may not have the two years to dedicate to an associates program they would still have the opportunity to do short courses or certificate courses and gain some knowledge.”

Dr. Hepburn-Forbes said that BAMSI buildings are ninety percent complete and that in person learning will commence upon one hundred percent completion.