Demolition of derelict buildings east of East Street on Bay Street began on Wednesday. Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis as well as Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Chester Cooper along with other government officials were on hand for the exercise.

Cooper, who also serves as the Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation told reporters, “we have given notice, as I indicated several months ago, to nine property owners. We have have four of those properties ready for demolition.”

The Minister went further stating plans for the cleared spaces, “what we propose to do, once we have demolished the buildings, is to turn them into green spaces. So over the course of the next few weeks you might very well see some picket fences and some green spaces in most of these spaces,” Cooper said.

Owners of the demolished building were also on hand and spoke of their plans for the cleared down property. Mercianna Moxey told ZNS News they plan to develop a mixed use building on the site with “retail on the bottom, offices in the middle and, we know that the government is keen on making Nassau a livable city, and some apartments at the top.”