President of the BCPOU, Sherry Benjamin is voicing her concerns about the dismissal of Cable Bahamas employees in Grand Bahama.

“At this point right now they are picking off people left right and center. Persons are being let go at a whim and they have nobody there to negotiated for them, nobody there to fight for them. I’m wondering now why is it that Cable Bahamas is allowed to get away with not honoring their commitments to the union.”

She further stated, “the constitution as well as the employment act and the industrial relations act gave those workers at Cable Bahamas a right to associate with the union of their choice. They chose the BCPOU and we’ve been fighting from in the late 1990s to get them to the table and they are still avoiding coming to the table. Every time we make some headway with them they pull back.”

Benjamin also said that she has presented Cable Bahamas with an industrial agreement that has not gotten a response.