Ostonya Walker, mother of slain toddler Bella Walker, was sentenced to three years in prison for her part in the child’s death.

Bella’s great grandmother, Mary Laing-Grant, gave her views on the sentencing. She said, “God in charge, see if she come out Bella can’t come back.  She stay in the same thing.  Ain no use for me to say it shoulda been or it shoulda been.  God tell me, Maryann Grant, its no secret what I can do and what he do for y’all he’s gonna do for me that’s what he tell me.  Everything God do is well done, always know that.”

Laing-Grant spoke to the fact that the community did not assist Bella. “You think I ga see one child, I don’t know who the child is, come over here black and blue and I ga run them back there. Somebody couldn’t say something? When the baby done die now they ga talk.  I ain’t vex with the girl, I vex with the people them.  You have to be your brother’s keeper especially with children.”

The great grandmother says she has thought of Bella and remembers the things she used to do.