The Minister of State for the Public Service gave an update on the ongoing promotions exercise underway in the public service outside of Cabinet on Tuesday.

The Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle also spoke to issues concerning employees of the Ministry of Social Service who protested in Rawson Square last week.  “In regard to the social service regularization exercise which is the employees on the U-App Program, we have received 129 recommendations, 92 of those are currently being processed, so they’ll be awaiting approval, and then we have another 12 or so that are not quite in the pipeline yet because we’re still waiting on documents or the like.  We have Social Services promotions.  It remains at 136 that have been processed.  There are 37 that are outstanding for various reasons.  And there are a number of reasons that promotions can be outstanding, it could be financial costing, in most instances it can be a lack of documents, and waiting for the ministry to bring those documents back in.”

The Minister of State emphasized that promotions are being processed continuously and that her ministry is also currently working on promotions across the public service as well as a number of assessments.