The Police discovered the body of a man on the southern end of New Providence over the weekend after receiving calls of gunshots being heard in the area.

Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department, Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson was on the scene and updated members of the media. “Control room was alerted, police officers came into this area where they met the body of a male. He was suffering from wounds what are consistent with gunshots. There was nobody else in this area. We have no identity on male. He appears to be in his early twenties and he was lifeless.”

Another man was also found dead in Gambier Heights not long after.

In light of the recent spate of murders, Bishop Simeon Hall opined that, “each of us must take some responsibility for the status to which our country has sunk. One hundred and twenty murders last year and on this current trajectory we will surpass that. I pray that does not happen.”