BTC Donates to the Gentlemen’s Club Scholarship Fund


Twenty-six promising young men will complete the Gentlemen’s Club program this month, and BTC has donated to five major scholarships that the program will distribute. Program Director, Lamont Stubbs thanked BTC for its partnership: “BTC has been very supportive of the Gentlemen’s Club for so many years, even throughout the pandemic, we’ve been so fortunate to be blessed by this partnership. We are so grateful for their assistance which has helped to grow this organization over the years and enrich the
lives of so many young men.

This year, instead of our traditional “beautillion” ball, we will host a graduation ceremony to highlight these young men and their achievements.”

BTC Senior Manager for Communications, Indira Collie said, “Learning is one of the four pillars in our CSR model. We are committed to doing our part to build a brighter future for The Bahamas, and we’re doing it by investing in wholesome programs like the Gentlemen’s Club where young men are receiving lifelong skills and mentorship as they bridge from high school to college and the workforce. We are proud to be a part of this program, and we wish all twenty-six members all the best in the new chapter of their lives. We encourage them to continue to soar and strive for excellence.”

The scholarships will assist students pursuing college degree programs at local and international tertiary institutions. The Gentlemen’s Club which began with just twelve young men is now in its 31 st year and has mentored more than 1500 students. The club focuses on character building, respect, etiquette, elocution, grooming, and being socially, morally, and financially responsible, and culturally exposed. The graduation event will take place at Atlantis on June 28th .