BTC Hires 25 New Contact Center Team Members


With just a week in office, BTC’s CEO, Sameer Bhatti has made a bold decision to hire an additional twenty-five new employees.

The new employees will staff the company’s contact center.  The all-Bahamian contact center comprises the company’s call center, social media support, and customer retention. The twenty-five new positions will be filled by Bahamians that responded to the company’s recent job fair. Bhatti said, “One of the first things I noticed during my first week in office was that we needed to bolster operations in our contact center. Our customers come first, and as a team, as one BTC, we are focused on understanding their needs and delivering a seamless experience for them.

We want to be able to give our customers the confidence that we will deliver for them. As this is our first point of contact, we have to ensure that when our customers reach out through any medium, they’re able to reach us. The way that our customers talk to us has changed, and many prefer social media channels including WhatsApp. In talking with both staff members and customers, this was an area that needed to be addressed with urgency.”

According to People Director, Darron Turnquest, the new employees will be sourced from the company’s recent job fair. “We will immediately onboard these new hires as we’ve already gone through a job fair earlier this year. We are happy to see a number of young qualified individuals taking up these new posts, and taking the opportunity to be a part of the biggest telecoms brand in The Bahamas. We have a new CEO who has truly taken a people-focused approach to how we do business. Not only that, but he has been able to hear the cries of our customers – both internal and external – he has begun the process of starting with our contact center so that we can make some progressive improvements to improve our customer experience in a more positive direction.”

In addition to the increase in staffing, BTC’s Contact Center team has also returned to the office, after working in a fully remote environment for more than two years. The move, according to Turnquest allows the company to improve its overall customer experience by re-tooling, re-equipping, and re-training agents to ensure that they are able to deliver a 21 st century best-in- class experience that customers rightly expect.

“Having our team together is critical and crucial to our operations, and this is yet another milestone in our journey. I am both listening keenly to our staff members and our customers, and this is just the first of a number of areas that we will seek to buoy and strengthen in the coming months. As we continue to invest in next-generation technology, we also have to continue to invest in building a formidable team,” said Bhatti.