BTC rolls out new fiber packages

Sameer Bhatti, BTC Chief Executive Officer

In March, BTC announced that it would introduce symmetrical speeds. Today, the company unveiled its brand-new fiber packages, all including symmetrical speeds, which provide the same upload and download speeds, delivering faster and more reliable connections.
BTC CEO, Sameer Bhatti said, “Earlier this year, we announced that we would be the first to introduce symmetrical speeds, and today we are delivering. This is the new BTC, and this is our renewed commitment to deliver the best service and products for our customers. We are providing faster connections for our customers with a more reliable network that is as “unstoppable” as our customers. We have the
largest fiber network and it’s available in 80% of New Providence and in Grand Bahama.”

Whether it’s smart home management, hybrid working, uploading large picture and video files, content creation, filmmaking, or competitive gaming, BTC’s faster fiber connections and now symmetrical speeds, make it all possible The updated bundled packages include fiber only, fiber and television, or a complete bundle with fiber, television, and landline services. The “Fiber, Talk & TV” bundle offers the best value and includes 300Mbps of upload and download speeds, and for the first three months as a promotional offer, BTC is doubling the speeds in this
package with 600Mpbs of speed to get customers to experience the fiber difference.

The bundle also comes with 164 IP television channels, allowing you to manage your TV service, and unlimited landline services.
Executive Senior Manager for Grand Bahama, Dominic Petty said, “A few weeks ago, we reached a proud milestone, fiberizing the McClean’s Town community in Grand Bahama. McClean’s Town was one of the communities that suffered significant damage following Hurricane Dorian. We are also working in Windsor Park, Seahorse Village and Mayfield Park Grand Bahama.”

BTC’s fiber techs are continuing our fiber rollout in the Fire Trail, St. Vincent Road, Sunset Park, and McKinney Drive communities in New Providence. Over the last three weeks, BTC has hosted its Fiber Fest community initiative, the first in the eastern community, in Winton Meadows, the Pinewood Gardens community, and “Out Da Sea” Lawn in Grand Bahama. The company uses these events to interact with customers in their respective communities. Customers can sign up for services and have issues resolved on the spot.

For more information on BTC’s new fiber packages, customers can visit the updated BTC website at

Source: Indera Collie/BTC