BTC Supports Relaunch Of Technical Cadet Corps Program


The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) will invest $61,000 to support the relaunch of the Technical Cadet Corps Programme, placing special emphasis on having high school students train with BTC professionals to learn more about the telecoms industry and the company’s continuous rollout of fiber to the home.

After a four-year hiatus because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Technical Cadet Corps Programme officially resumed this year under the theme, “Retooling and Upskilling technical students with technical skills to meet the changing world”.

This year’s rebranded programme gives 120 students the opportunity to gain theoretical training and authentic practical experiences needed to develop their employability and career development skills in a wide range of fields after graduation.

The programme uses evidence-based strategies and is known to guarantee success with many students later moving into technology careers. The students are taught by industry professionals who ensure that the training is hands-on, and project based through lectures and labs.

Members of BTC’s Technical team will partner with high school students in New Providence as they undergo a vigorous program of training from grades 10 to 12.

At the September 1st induction ceremony for new cadets at The National Training Agency, BTC’s CEO Sameer Bhatti told this year’s cohort that they are unstoppable, and the future was theirs to chart. He also noted that the very nature of the Technical Cadet Corps Programme is to mentor and empower each inductee.

You will lift this country to the next level. You will be responsible for the next creative innovation, and we are pleased to be a part of the relaunch of the Technical Cadet Corps Program,” Bhatti said. “We are happy to welcome the new cadets, instructors, and all participants for an exciting year. You have made an excellent choice to join this program.”

Continued Bhatti: “We are passionate about our commitment to connect communities and change lives, and we believe that we have been doing just that as a steadfast partner of this program for over thirty years. Through our partnership, we have seen thousands of students complete the program, broadening their horizons in the various technical and utilities fields.”

The BTC CEO also told the cadets that BTC is enabling progress and growth through the rollout of its super-fast fiber to the home network, which will be a strong area of focus for them.

With fiber the possibilities are endless,” Bhatti said. “Endless streaming and endless productivity. Fiber is also a huge enabler of many of our projects and partnerships with the Bahamas Government, including the Ministry of Education.”

Through its fiber rollout, BTC has provided fiber connectivity to government schools in New Providence and the Family Islands.

The Company has enabled the Royal Bahamas Police Force to have more eyes and ears on the ground through its CCTV partnership, and connectivity has also been provided to Ministry of Health clinics throughout The Bahamas, paving the way for the implementation of telemedicine.

BTC’s rollout of fiber has also allowed the company to partner with The Bahamas Government to implement Wi-Fi in the park in New Providence and on several Family Islands.

Minister of Education Glenys Hanna-Martin, also addressing the newly inducted cadets at the September 1 ceremony, said the government is confident that all of the “selected” students will excel and succeed over the next three years.

Remember that skills are the new currency,” Minister Hanna-Martin advised the cadets. “It is our belief that providing you with the opportunity to increase your skills will place you in the best possible position to not only find employment upon graduation, but to prepare you to be owners in the economy or to go on to tertiary education. You will be the backbone of the economy and we are excited to see where you will take The Bahamas as you journey into the future.”