The Davis administration will have been in office for two years on September 16th.  The newly appointed Minister of Labour and the Public Service is reflecting on achievements made within her portfolio.

The Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle said, “we worked to clear these backlogs which has been a great success in terms of promotions,  reclassifications, confirmations.  We are also working to ensure that we bring the public service into the 21st century through digitalization. We made great in roads in cleaning up our accommodations unit.  The Accommodations Unite is the landlord of the government.  So we had buildings the were being rented but unoccupied, we cleared those.  We had buildings that we not accessible to the differently abled, we’re now making sure that our buildings are accessible.  We have decent work conditions for employees and where that is a work in progress we have an inspectorate unit that now is going out and ensuring that the checks and balances are in place.”

The Minister also touched on the newest part of her portfolio and what she intends to focus on as the minister responsible for Labour.  “I know something that has historically been an issue with the Department of Labour is accountability, verification when it comes to the notice of vacancy process where we hire foreign employees and we say we’re gonna under study with Bahamians but nobody ever checks and balances that process to ensure that at the end of the day the Bahamian actually assimilates into the role. So we’re gonna make sure in our focus, as we speak in our Blueprint For Change, on Bahamianization and ensuring that our workforce, that our Bahamian workforce is strengthened.”