Commonwealth Building Supplies or CBS Bahamas celebrated its 50th anniversary in business in The Bahamas with a reception held at Balmoral.

Vice President of CBS Bahamas Brent Burrows spoke with ZNS News about the success of the company on the sidelines of the event. He said, “we started as a very small company and we have played a prominent role in shaping The Bahamas. And if you drive over the bridge and you look at Paradise and you look at all those Atlantis buildings, the Atlantis hotels most of the glass in those hotels were done by CBS Bahamas. If you drive down Eastern Road from east and you drive way out west I would say every prominent building that you see on the road when you’re driving will have CBS Bahamas windows in it.”

Burrows also spoke favorably on the future of the company saying, ” we have our flagship retail store. We have our e-commerce department and we’re just ready to grow The Bahamas. Our next venture is going to be hitting hard the family islands through our e-commerce.”

Commonwealth Building Supplies was started in 1973 by Carl G. Treco.