The Royal Bahamas Police Force has launched new technology called FUSUS which allows officers to monitor surveillance video from multiple sources. The police are hoping to partner with members of the general public who have surveillance cameras on their properties in the fight against crime.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Zhivargo Dames head of the Information and Communications Technology Unit spoke to members of the media at a press event introducing the new technology. Dames said, “in FUSUS we have integrated Shot Spotter and CCTV. So if a shot goes off in a particular area the CCTVs would also receive that signal and will be produced on the screen so the officers in the real time crime center will be able to see exactly the cameras in that area in addition to the precise location where those shots emanated from. And so that gives the officers in the real time crime center, once its captured on those cameras, a actual view of possible suspects in that area.”

Dames appealed to the public to register their surveillance systems. “We are asking members of the public through this press conference and business owners to partner with the Royal Bahamas Police Force by going to our website click on the link connect Bahamas and register your cameras with us. Registering your camera is completely free of charge. When private residents or businesses register their cameras on our online portal they have complete control over those cameras.”

According to the Assistant Commissioner Dames twenty four people have registered their cameras with the police to date.