CGI Atlantic Zest Wellness Festival


CGI Atlantic hosted its first Zest Wellness Festival where fifty vendors showcases healthy services and items.

Wellness Manager at CGI Atlantic, Donovan Ingraham said of the event “our goal is just to educate Bahamians, pointing them in the right direction so they know vendors that are healthier options, the preferred vendors in terms of health options. Crafts that help with mindfulness and meditation, those who are more affordable so they can get gifts. Just making sure the holistic man, holistic woman is tackled.”

Bahamas Foodie was one of the vendors at the event. Katherine Coakley of that establishment said, “we are a digital plant based restaurant that’s completely online and cashless and its amazing to be here. We get to contribute to the Wellness Fest and really introduce plant based food to the Bahamian economy.”

The event organizers are hoping to expand next year.