The President of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce yesterday commented on whether a revamped Grand Lucayan and the proposed Six Senses project set for construction can co-exist on the island.

James Carey said, “the new on Six Sense is very exciting and I believe it will be good for Grand Bahama. We’re anxiously awaiting for the concrete trucks to start pulling in and concrete going into the ground, that usually says it all. The type of resort they’re looking at is completely different to the Grand Lucayan Resort. Sometimes it more feasible both from a practical stand point and economically to start from scratch.”

Carey went further saying, “the Grand Lucayan, as I understand it, does need a lot of attention, a lot of reno etc., and the world is sort of shifting to more eco-friendly about everything. And I think that is something that Six Senses will bring.”

The Chamber President says there’s still room for the Grand Lucayan type of resort because there’s that type of traveling population that would love that type of resort.

Feature Photo Credit: Matthew Aylen