Member of Parliament for Long Island, the Hon. Adrian Gibson was back in court on Wednesday. Gibson’s attorney, Murrio Ducille argued before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson that the case be stayed. Among Ducille’s grounds on which his application should be granted was lack of full disclosure by the crown. He also argued that prosecution witness Alexandria Mackey should be made to appear in person because her remote testimony would breach Gibson’s rights to a fear trial. The Attorneys for the other defendants adopted Mr. Ducille’s court submissions.

Appearing for the crown, Cordell Frazier argued against Ducille’s submission on the testimony of Mackey stating that the witness was in fear of her life. Mackey alleges that the sitting Member of Parliament abused her while they were in a relationship.

Justice Grant-Thompson is set to rule on the submissions on Thursday May 11th.

Gibson is charged with money laundering, conspiracy and bribery in relation to the granting of contracts while he was Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

Feature Photo Credit: (BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)