The Coalition Of Independents (COI) held a town hall meeting on the island of Bimini on Tuesday.  Leader of the organization, Lincoln Bain has announced that he is their  candidate for the upcoming by-election in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency.

Bain spoke with ZNS News ahead of the event.  He said, “we have more of an establishment in Grand Bahama with branches already set up and we wanted to do the same thing here. So we wanted to get all of our people who supported us in the last election together to make sure we get organized, instruction and ready to go.  And for persons who had questions, persons who wanted to know what we’re about, we’re gonna also let them hear what the Coalition is about, what we’re fighting for and why should you vote for someone who is actually not in government.  Why should you go with a third party this time? Well, we’re hearing it from them.  They’re tired of the bank and forth between the PLP and the FNM and nothing changes.”