The Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Free National Movement is commenting on the party’s plans for the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency should their candidate, Bishop Ricardo Grant, be successful at the polls.

The Hon. Michael Pintard told ZNS News, “we have to generate employment for our people.  Far too many Grand Bahamians have left because they did not see a way to sustain their families on this island.  And so, as we look forward to a by-election, this election is not about the FNM or the PLP or any other organization that wish to run.”

Pintard continued, “it is about the mother in Eight Mile Rock who despite working six days a week still cannot find enough money to keep the light on and to keep food on the table.  It’s for those families that every few months have to pay a new deposit elsewhere because they can’t sustain rent where they are staying. It’s for the parents whose child has gone off to school and have no intention on coming home cause they don’t see an opportunity.”

The Free National Movement launched it campaign this past weekend under the time Forward! Focused On You.