CI Gibson High Achievers Get Cash Gifts from Marathon MP


Six of the top performing students at CI Gibson Senior High School received monetary gifts from their Member of Parliament Lisa T Rahming during a special school assembly on Tuesday morning.

Under the theme: “Excellence on Purpose”, students gathered at the school gymnasium to celebrate some of the most outstanding student leaders at the school.

During the ceremony, hosted by Principal Mrs. Chavez Rutherford, class and school prefects were installed and honor roll students awarded.

The top six achievers were: Sky Knowles, grade 12C (3.77 GPA); Dorieth Tannis, grade 11I (3.60 GPA); Kendal Farrington, grade 12C (3.57 GPA); Raynell Smith, grade 12B (3.57 GPA) Alexander Saunders, grade 12I (3.53 GPA); and Mya Smith, a rising star with a 2.70 GPA.

MP Rahming gave each student a monetary gift and offered words of encouragement to the entire school body. As a product of the Marathon constituency herself, she told students how important good grades are in impacting the upward trajectory of their lives. Scholarships and other opportunities abound with discipline and perseverance, she said.

Since the school year began, MP Rahming has been consistently visiting primary, junior and senior high schools in the Marathon constituency, serving free breakfast and lunch, and offering her personal support and motivation to the youth.

Source: Felicity Darville

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