Minister of Transport and Housing, the Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis addressed the Abaco Business Outlook 2022 event. In her presentation she outlined her ministry’s housing initiatives for that island. Abaco is currently experiencing a housing shortage in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian which occurred in September 2019.

The Minister said, “the Department of Housing has been working diligently on a community housing project in Central Pines. A few days ago assignment letters for the first two homes were issued to two Abaconian families. Construction is ongoing on additional homes and it is anticipated that when completed the community will house dozens of families. Regarding Spring City, the Department of Housing is in the advanced technical stage of developing a community housing project. I’m advised that a team of surveyors will be on the ground in a matter of days to commence the laying of lots and road markings according to the subdivision design. With the domes have been removed, I’ve been informed that this stage will be quickly completed.”

Minister Coleby-Davis also took the opportunity in her presentation to address the removal of the temporary domes. She said, “the temporary housing units were not previously used in The Bahamas and the units were uninsulated and metal structures. Upon taking office the Davis led administration received numerous complaints about the safety of the domes. Specific complaints were made concerning:

  1. the suitability of the domes for long term use
  2. the lack of ventilation
  3. the presence of mold in the units and;
  4. sewerage overflow which required constant pumping.

Given the seriousness of the complaints, the units were inspected and it was determined that the domes were not designed for best use in the Bahamian climate, lacked adequate ventilation and were unsuitable for long term use.”

As part of the government’s national housing program, the Ministry of Transport and Housing present six Bahamians with keys for new homes in the Pinecrest Subdivision in New Providence. The latest round of presentations brought the number of homeowners in that new community to fourteen.