Veteran journalist and long-time employee of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas’ Northern Service in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Nathalee Martinborough passed away on Thursday, September 21st.

Community leaders on the island, Cecil Thompson and Churchill Tener Knowles paid tribute to Martinborough’s legacy.  Cecil Thompson recalls the last time he tried to reach Nathalee.  He said, “I called my number one lady, Nathalee, that was a Monday and for the first time ever the phone never answered.”  Thompson learned of Martinborough’s passing at an event he attended where a moment of silence was requested.

Thompson said Martinborough was an extraordinary journalist, an excellent reporter and an extraordinary human being.

For his part, Churchill Tener Knowles said, “Nathalee is a very nice person, very cordial person, never has a harsh word for me or anybody else as far as I know.  I’m sure ZNS and Grand Bahama as a whole will miss her.”