Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis traveled to Grenada this week to participate in the Second Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) High Level Dialogue On Climate Change.

The Prime Minister addressed the meeting on Thursday saying, “try as they might to skirt around the issue the industrialized north will need to make the most sizable adjustments.  It is, after all, their development which has brought us to this point.”

Davis went further stated, “we must call on our partners in the north to deliver on the commitment they made at COP 15 in Copenhagen, to mobilize $100 billion dollars per year by 2021.  This is the very same goal which was reiterated at COP 21 in Paris and extended to 2025.  To date, they have not reached this target.  My friends, it makes no sense shooting arrows at new targets when the bullseye of two decades before has yet to be hit.”

The Prime Minister said it is crucial for the developing world on the frontlines of the crisis to hold the developed world to account.