Competent Authority seeks extension of emergency orders

Prime Minister Minnis - Communications in the House of Assembly - November 18, 2020

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis making it known in the house of assembly Monday his governments intent to extend the emergency orders.

He said at the next sitting tomorrow, a resolution will be moved seeking approval.

“And whereas having regard to the continuing proliferation of confirmed cases in neighboring jurisdictions and active cases in the Bahamas, and whereas the state of public emergency in the Bahamas continues, and whereas it continues to be necessary and expedient for securing the public safety the defense of the Bahamas, the maintenance of public order, the suppression of rebellion and riot and for maintaining supplies and services essential to the like and wellbeing to the community.

“And therefore, be it resolved in this house an approved the continuance of the proclamation of emergency made on the 24th day of November 2020 until the 23rd day of May 2021” the Prime Minister said.

The Bahamas has been commended internationally for the measures taken in order to combat the virus; but the prime minister says that does not mean the fight is over.

“As we look around and see the number of funerals in violation of the order, the number of morals of violations of the order and even junkanoo groups engaging in rush outs violations of the order.

“And we want to remind the public that we should all be vigilant because it only takes one individual to become infected.

“One infected and the virus can have catastrophic and devastating effects on our society and placing us in a similar position as seen in the north” he said.