Minister of Social Services addresses public concerns about children homes


Minister of Social Services, the Hon. Frankie Campbell being commended for the swift action he took regarding a video that went viral alleging that abuse was going on at the children’s emergency hostel.

Member of parliament for Englerston, the Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin made this key point.

“The ministry, the government look to an overarching, I guess, architecture in how the policies that relate to children in these homes how discipline is met, out how the checks and balances, what is the quality assurance, check of the regulators like.

“The government to ensure that no vulnerable child is again put at risk in a way in which that we all, most of us feel repulsed by” she said.

Minister Campbell responded saying that they are addressing the issue by meeting with managers from homes and creating standardized protocol.

“In the written report, which will be a lot more detailed and comprehensive, it will include all that we are at present working on a management agreement that will be standardized for all of our homes.

“That will contain professional standards. I will also speak to the practice and the policy now and how we will review it.

“I want to say to the nation and to my colleagues that this is not a partisan issue for me and we are open to any suggestions and recommendations” he said.