Clinical Director for Grand Bahama Health Services Dr. Stacy Bevans-Laing is assuring the public that COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency in the country.

She said, “we are now treating it as one of the viral infections such as the regular flu.  However, it still does have an impact on your health especially if you have chronic ailments such as cardiac or respiratory issues.”

The United States ended their public health emergency status regarding COVID in May which Dr. Bevans-Laing says filtered over to The Bahamas. “So we have not been enforcing the use of masks in public only when a person comes to any of the health care facilities they’re required to wear masks,” she said.

Bevans-Laing says she cannot say that there has been an increased in COVID-19 cases.  According to her the numbers have flatlined and that if there is an increase it means that more people are getting tested.