A 9 year old girl was kidnapped in the area of Lazaretta Road and taken to the Spikenard Road area where she was sexually assaulted and dropped off.

Area Member of Parliament, where the incident occurred, the Hon. Vaughn Miller is voicing his feelings on the matter.  He said, “I’m saddened, I’m hurt, I’m angered and I’m very disappointed.  This happened in this constituency before, a couple of months ago on Bacardi Road on a Saturday morning a lady was abducted, robbed and raped.  And here we are, similar incident, this time a young girl eight to nine years old and the details of what happened will one day emerge. But persons like him, I’ll make this clear, persons like him ought to be executed in the public square that everyone can see it.  And it will send a message that this society will not tolerate acts like this by people like him. I’m upset, I’m disturbed and when we cannot protect those who are most vulnerable among us, our young, our handicapped and our elderly, that speaks volumes of our country.”