Chief Executive Officer of the Nassau Cruise Port spoke reporters about the Port’s success and its plans in case of a hurricane.

Mike Maura said one of the reasons for the record number of arrivals at the Port is because of its capacity to accommodate larger ships.  “Not withstanding the fact that we will handle more ships than we did in 2019 but we’re handling more larger ships and that’s where your getting the larger percentage increase in passengers.  Its not that, you know, if 3.85 million compared to 4.3, call it five hundred thousand for easy numbers, from a percentage perspective that’s the biggest jump right there.  But in terms of ships it may be, you know, that we’re only handling twenty more ships.”

Maura also said if there is a hurricane, “fortunately I think that what would happen is if we did have a surge here the fact is water may enter but then  water is gonna…we’re so close to the ocean that its not gonna get trapped within the cruise port which is obviously a good thing.”