A clean up exercise was conducted in the Englerston constituency over the weekend.  The exercise was organized by Conchalay Conchalar.

He told ZNS News, “Englerston is a very small netted community and you have persons who have pride in this particular community.  They take it upon themselves to clean up in front of their yard and they actually contribute towards the cleanliness of Englerston.”

Local Activist Ternielle Burrows and Entertainer Judah ‘the Lion’ Seymour were also on hand to assist.  She said it was the second year that she has participated in the World Clean Up Day events.  For his part Seymour said Conchalay invited him “not just to only assist in the cleanup but to put a face to an important cause.  Everybody, everyday has some sort of cleaning up to do.”

Area Member of Parliament, the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin also visited the site of the clean up exercise.