Chief Executive Officer of the Nassau Cruise Port is addressing concerns levied by business owners and operators in the downtown area who are complaining that their businesses are not benefiting from the success at the Port.

Speaking of the business operators at the Port Mike Maura told ZNS News, “let’s not forget I have a fundamental obligation to also the vendors in this space too.  I can’t push people in a particular direction and have it harm the fifty authentic Bahamian entrepreneurs that are operating within the space.  I can’t have it harm the hair braiders that are operating within the space and I can’t have it harm the other investments that Bahamians are making in the space.”

Maura acknowledged, “some businesses would be impacted when you go from pushing all passengers out of one exit to allowing passengers and visitors to exit four exits.”

The Port CEO says that he has also had conversations with business owners that have seen an increase and that the port is producing a promotional video to be shown in cruise ship cabins. “Royal has kindly agreed to run this video in cabin, every single cabin on that ship for guest to see before they debark.”