Director-General of the World Health Organization applauds The Bahamas


Director-General of the World Health Assembly Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus today commended The Bahamas on completing an ambitious
agenda at the 76th World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Switzerland May 18th – 30th. Dr. Tedros who entertained a courtesy call meeting with the Minister of Health & Wellness Dr. the Honourable Michael R. Darville and select members of the Bahamas delegation described the meeting as “excellent”. He expressed his positive interest in the Bahamas’ commitment to ‘beating NCD’s’ through taxing sugary products and eliminating trans fats. The Director-General was also keen to learn more about the recruitment of nurses and other healthcare workers by larger more financially resourced countries and its impact on the delivery of health care in the country. He agreed that more resources need to be earmarked for investing in training health workforces to address the global shortage.

For his part, Minister Darville also apprised the Director-General on the path for the full implementation of a digital health system in The Bahamas and reiterated the need for SIDS (Small Island Developing States) to have greater access to funding as they balance the realities of significant migration of healthcare workers; many of whom are being reaped even more as a result of the pandemic. Dr. Tedros thanked The Bahamas for its continued partnership and agreed that it was time to take the WHO partnership with The Bahamas to the next level. He
recalled that The Bahamas was one of the last countries he visited before the global COVID-19 pandemic resulted in travel restrictions. He commented on the devastation of Hurricane Dorian contrasted with the beauty of the country. Dr. Tedros offered that he was looking forward to meeting with and having further discussions with Minister Darville and his team during the upcoming SIDS and NCDs meeting scheduled for mid-June 2023 in Bridgetown, Barbados.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister of Health & Wellness pinned Dr. Tedros with a Bahamas’ 50th Anniversary of Independence pin and presented him other Bahamas Independence memorabilia. Dr. Tedros called it a wonderful, shared moment as the WHO is also celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Joining Minister Darville was Dr, Pearl McMillan, Chief Medical Officer – Ministry of Health & Wellness, Dr. Aubynette Rolle, Managing Director, Public Hospitals Authority and Dr. Phillip Swann, Registrar – Ministry of Health & Wellness.

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