Officials of Royal Caribbean International invited members of the media on a tour of their Paradise Island property where they gave a preview of their proposed beach club project.

RCI Chief Product Development Officer Jay Schneider said, “there’s been a lot of speculation that we’re touching pristine beach. We’ve continued to study both coral, beach, noise, avian, tree, benthic. We’ve continued to study the habitat in and around Paradise Island. We’re going to protect the island’s habitat by not touching the northern shore and continuing to study the southern shore to make sure that we’re doing the right things. Hiring a local environmental monitor to make sure that what I’m just telling you is going to be how we proceed through construction and operation.”

Schneider also spoke to the company’s plans for waste management. “So none of the waste produced here will end up in a Bahamian landfill. Number two, we’re working toward one hundred percent green energy production and net zero carbon by 2030. Number three, best in class waste management and so the intention of that statement is to say any of the wet waste will actually all be treated here on site. Of the hundred percent of waste generated ninety five percent of it will be treated to a level that can be used for beneficial reuse.

The project is valued at over $100 million dollars and will include snack shops, restaurants, retail pavilions and four pools.